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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Royal Tubs

As a New Yorker, I am constantly blown away by bathrooms that resemble rooms other than the practical spaces that they are. Here in the city, and in Philadelphia for those of you who have seen the pictures of my teeny studio, a bathroom is a tiny closet with a small sink, shower, and toilet--without room for much else. For whatever reason, I feel that the ultimate in luxury would be to have a bathroom which feels less like a practical space, and more like a room you would want to spend time in. 

This bathroom, although not my taste, even has a comfy sitting chair. It seems like the perfect perch for someone who wants to chat with you while you're in the bath. Remind me, who has time for baths anymore? 

I love the juxtaposition of old and new in this bathroom, which could easily be a sitting room with the way it opens into the next room. The wall treatment, coupled with antique mirrors and paintings looks great against the more modern room that it opens into. Additionally, while the tub is footed, the fixtures are mounted in a modern way and have a contemporary feel. 

A significant aspect of the "bathroom as an actual room" approach is locating the tub in the center of the room. By having space to move around the bath, it makes it seem as though it is a piece of furniture, rather than a practical fixture. 

Finally, creating a bathroom in a room that includes a fireplace, always makes the room feel more like a sitting room. In the case of this picture, the fireplace was most likely extant, however, if you are designing a modern bathroom, installing a fireplace with a traditional mantelpiece would achieve a similar result. This bathroom is so formal and fabulous it might be fun to host cocktails in it! Cocktails in the bathtub? Reminds me of a children's book called King Bidgood's in the Bathtub that I used to love as a child. Its about a king who wont get out of the bath so he makes everyone do everything (go to war, have masquerade balls, eat feasts) in the tub with him! This bathroom is certainly fit for royalty ... but after all ... we are still talking about bathrooms.

photos courtesy of Marie Claire Maison

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tel Aviv Chic

For those of you who aren't as obsessed with shelter magazines as I am, you may not have come across this spread in Marie Claire Maison, which is Marie Claire's French shelter magazine. (by the way, its amazing). So, I thought I would share it with you!

Psst ... similar chairs can be found at Wisteria and Restoration Hardware

What I love about these rooms is that the decor is totally paired down so that the architecture, and namely the beautiful tile floors, speak for themselves. There are very few pieces of furniture in each room, and there are very few pieces of art on the walls--because the tile floors are all the color and interest that the rooms need. Additionally, I love the idea of painting walls white, and painting the trim a contrasting color. So often we see colored, upholstered or painted walls and glossy white trim, and I love the historic nature of painted trim and white walls.

Photos courtesy of Marie Claire Maison

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun and Festive Weekend Finds!

Had a very productive weekend, sitting on the beach, eating lots of food, you know--typical Memorial Day Weekend. However, I did fall in love with a chair over the weekend, and last week I had some great finds in the village, so I thought I would share! 

I know, I know ... its bamboo and cane! My favorite! I am so predictable. I found this at JED, an amazing shop in Sag Harbor that you all should stop in if you're ever in town. If you can't make it out to the east end, you should check out their shop on 1st Dibs here. There is absolutely nothing that I can afford in this shop, but the aesthetic is wonderful, and as a result, there are definitely some great inspirational items. 

Now here is a set of four chairs that I happened upon in the Village last week. $600 for a set of four. A great deal. All they need is re-upholstering and a new paint color and they will be in great shape. I am hesitating because $600 is still $600, and I don't necessarily have a place to put them right now ... I wonder though if they are the type of chairs that two years from now I will be lamenting the loss of ... hmmm. Thoughts? 

This is another great piece that W and I came across in Sag Harbor at one of our favorite little antique shops. I just love these apothecary cabinets--all those little drawers to fill with treasures! I think a piece like this would be fabulous in a kitchen if it could be incorporated into an island. Don't you think? 
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