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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Those Rooms

Last night my mother and I got to talking about "Those Rooms." You know exactly what I'm talking about. Those feats of interior design that have somehow struck you over the years and have stuck with you. Those rooms that every time you look at a picture of them you are constantly amazed by how the designer saw the relationship between two fabrics or two furniture styles that when put together in context looks absolutely perfect. And there are "those decorators" who are typically associated with the creation of "those rooms:" Sister Parish, Albert Hadley, David Hicks, Billy Baldwin, Mark Hampton, Dorothy Draper... 

Brooke Astor's Red Lacquered Library, 778 Park Avenue, Albert Hadley

Victorian Writing Room, Greenbriar Inn, Dorothy Draper

The reason that my mother and I got to talking about all this is that we are pretty sure that the living room at the Lyford Cay Club designed by Tom Scheerer is going to become one of "those rooms." I know that I posted about it already, but it has literally grabbed both myself and my mother, and won't let go! 

Living Room, Lyford Cay Club, Tom Scheerer

What do you think? Did you love this room? What rooms grab you and won't let go? 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Lot of Living to Do

Vogue Living that is. As much as I adore the usual shelter magazines, as well as all of the wonderful online magazines that are now available, I keep coming back to the three foreigners: Vogue Living, Elle Decoration & Marie Claire Maison. I don't know if its my love of historic architecture (all three have it in bulk) or whether I just love the eclectic nature of these magazines, but I can't get enough. Trouble is, here in Philadelphia they are hard to find, and are always a few months behind. Below are some of my favorite images from Vogue Living Jan/Feb 2011 issue. 

Tawlet Restaurant - Beirut, Lebanon

Lazara Rosa-Violan's Home - Barcelona, Spain

Craig Bassam & Scott Fellows' Phillip Johnson designed Home - New Canaan, CT

Neisha Crosland's Home - London, UK

... and another 

Orangerie at Moet & Chandon Vineyard - Champagne region, France

What do you think? I think pretty great. These are just a sampling of some of my favorite pictures from the magazine. I love the variety of locations: Lebanon, London, France, and Connecticut! Which photo is your favorite? Do you have a favorite less than mainstream magazine? 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mother Knows Best

I don't understand why these photos have not been on every single blog that I read! I have probably seen only one of these photos once, I believe at The Peak of Chic. For those of you who haven't seen them, my mother called me demanding that I go pick up the latest issue of Town & Country and see for myself what Tom Scheerer has done at the Lyford Cay Club. We all know that I am a Scheerer fan, however, this redecoration for this famous old world club may be his best stuff yet. I love every room, every photo, every choice ... and I hope you do too! (I apologize for the quality of the pics, my scanner has been acting up lately). I think these photos attest to the fact that one should always always listen to their mother--what if I had never seen these!? Love you mom! Enjoy! - and as usual, would love to hear your thoughts!

Aren't these amazing? Bamboo, pineapples, Quadrille, rattan, palm trees, and navy blue--doesn't get much better than this! I hope it entices you to go pick up the latest issue of Town & Country. Makes me wanna take a little vacation ... too bad the club is members only! And thanks again to my Mom ... what do you all think?  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Finds

So it's official, thesis panic has set in, as well as the requisite procrastination giving me plenty of time to scour the internet looking for sweet deals on good stuff. Although there are always good things at good prices to be found in the usual places ... CB2, West Elm, Wisteria, Ikea etc. etc. I love remembering a catalog that I haven't looked at in a while and finding great stuff. Case in point, the two items below from Garnet Hill and The Company Store. Thoughts? 

I am loving the "Bogart Flat Weave Wool Rug" from Garnet Hill. What a find! Great colors, great prices! I don't read "O" Magazine, but apparently, Oprah thought that these were pretty great too. I thought one might look good underneath a coffee table as an little accent rug.  Sadly, I am looking to replace my little zebra accent after 3 good years of service its looking a little worn. Whaddya think about getting one of these? 

How chic is this rattan side table from The Company store? Guess what?--it can be yours for $89! What I love is that since it comes in all these cute colors, you can cut your DIY time in half. High gloss turquoise? Sold. What do you all think of these pieces? Had any good secret catalog finds recently? 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Going Gray

Today is one of those gray days. The weather is cloudy, I'm exhausted, so much work to do. Part of me wishes I could just waste away this gray day in bed with a good movie, a period drama perhaps, and let the grayness of the day envelop me. And being in a gray space would make that even cozier. I love gray spaces. What I love about gray is that rooms swathed in this color can be either extremely modern or quite classic. It is not a color that has a time period or style associated with it, it goes with every style, every shape. 

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Marie Claire Maison

Elle Decor

Marie Claire Maison

House Beautiful

Marie Claire Maison

Which do you like best? I am extremely partial to the last picture, I especially love how the moulding in the door is painted a contrasting white. In my last apartment in NYC, my living room was painted Horizon by Benjamin Moore. If you are thinking of "going gray" I seriously recommend that as a color choice. Do you have a favorite color gray? 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Juicy Juxtaposition

I always like when decorators take chances with a space--when modern architecture is paired with classic interiors and vice versa. In this 419 square foot apartment, the bones of the building are classic--wide floor boards, board ceiling, beautiful paneled doors, and the kind of windows that only seem truly legitimate in France. The decor, on the other hand, is more streamlined, minimalist. What I love about it most, is that the lack of over-decorating allows the architecture and the age of this building to shine through. And as a preservationist, I definitely have a soft spot for that. In addition, it prevents this small space from feeling overcrowded. What do you all think? 

Photos courtesy of Marie Claire Maison

Friday, March 18, 2011

Stairways to Heaven

Hello All. So yesterday I got a brace put on my leg for some stress fractures that I have been putting off dealing with. Of course the minute it gets nice outside I am strapped into a boot! Anyway, I am now starting to realize what an issue this is going to be ... let's just start with my 4th floor walkup apartment. So with stairs on the brain, I picked out some favorites in the hope that they will motivate me to get better and to go slowly when climbing my own! 

Windsor Smith - Elle Decor

Key West - Traditional Home

Victoria Hagan - Elle Decor

Sag Harbor - Elle Decor

Traditional Home

Miami Beach - Elle Decor

Greenwich Village - Elle Decor

Normandy - Elle Decor

Houghton Hall, The Great Staircase - Norfolk, UK

James Huniford - Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Steven Gambrel - Elle Decor

And saving the absolute best for last ... 
Drayton Hall - Charleston, SC

Which is your favorite? And which inspires you to climb the most stairs? 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Francophile or Patriot?

Traditional Home
Or both? Don't you just love the combination of statue of liberty and eiffel tower statuettes on this mantel? I know I do. And then the addition of what looks like an Abraham Lincoln bust is fantastic. This mantel and its medallions is so traditional, especially coupled with the historic blue color, but the photograph above it and the slate surround give it that hit of modernity. What do you think? Are you a francophile? 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Model of Good Taste

Ok. Sometimes I find myself behind the design 8 ball, and behind the latest and greatest. This year, I am allowed to blame it on my thesis. Am I the last person to know that the line of fabrics by Iman on Calico Corners it absolutely fabulous? The woman is gorgeous, and so is her taste in patterns and colors. Each fabric has an exotic flair ... not unlike Iman herself. 

This is Java Moon in Luna. Love it. The colors are fantastic, and I love the stripes that act as a background for an ikat-type print. $42.39/yard. 

Alexandria Scroll in Citrine. How fun is this? A little mod, a little traditional. The perfect blend. I'm thinking about it for the seat cushion of a faux bamboo cane back chair seen here. What do you think? $19.99/yard.  

Sultana Lattice in Luna. This looks almost exactly like Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis. And its $27.99 a yard. What a find. Can't go wrong with this fabric. I would love to do a footstool in this as an accent piece. 

Zahra Leaf in Radicchio. Again, somehow this fabric blends a mod with an exotic and a little bit of traditional. This fabric could look fantastically bold on a settee. It is a great alternative to zebra! $26.39/yard.

This is my absolute favorite. Alhambra Amour in Luna and in Mineral. I don't know why, but I just absolutely love this fabric. The luna color is fantastic, and the mineral is tres chic! I need to find somewhere to use it. Perhaps a chair? Perhaps upholstered walls? I love it! $23.19/yard! What do you think? 

Photos courtesy of Calico
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