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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Days, DIY Days ...

So again they are forecasting blizzard-like conditions here in Philadelphia, and other places on the east coast! Perhaps there will be a snow day! While the blizzard may keep people indoors, a snow day is a good opportunity for all those DIY projects that you have been putting aside ... you know what I'm talking about, don't you? (I have been looking to wallpaper an ikea desk in hinson grass cloth for months now).
For those of you without a DIY project, and who are looking for an easy one, look no further than Sheffield Red Hot Aluminum Paint. Oh sure it sounds toxic, and I would recommend leaving a lot of windows open, but this stuff is my go to paint for all things boring. Last week I talked about my love of metallic, and this paint has really allowed me to take that relationship with metallics to the next level. 

These little guys were dirty, white, and boring before I got my hands on them. Now they have taken on an almost far eastern vibe.

I absolutely love these tables now! In my apartment in NYC they were great side tables for my loveseat, and in my Philadelphia studio they are my cocktail tables. 

I bought this mirror at Home Goods for a ridiculously low price, most likely due to the hideous bronze/gold/cheap finish on it. After brushing on some aluminum paint, I rubbed some portions of it with steel wool to give it a "beaten-up look."

Now the once heinous mirror is a focal point of the space. Excuse my messy desk, grad student! 

The tables and the mirror are just two examples, but my teeny tiny studio is filled with things that I have painted with Sheffield. Piece of advice, windows open, and don't spend too long on any project--it is strong stuff! Since it is oil based, you don't need many coats, and it dries pretty fast. Happy snow! 


  1. So cute! Love the tips. I think that paint would be perfect for my DIY chalkboard project. Did you tape off the mirror with painters tape when you were painting?
    We have been snowed in for days! I've been organizing everything around here! Stay warm

  2. I did! I used painters tape and taped off the mirror ... make sure you put several layers of newspaper down because the paint is very oily!

  3. I love your apartment! It's beautiful! I've been working on some DIY projects here in D.C after being trapped inside allll weekend. xx

  4. i think small is the new big. The studio feels HUGE!

  5. Leslie Madden DesignsFebruary 11, 2010 at 8:10 AM

    MIss O....your apt is adorable...recognize some familial touches! Also, the color of the kitchen is fab!


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