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Friday, October 8, 2010


This year, the beginning of fall has me thinking about the beginning of summer, and the similarities between them. I took these pictures on the beach in mid-May, before Memorial Day and the official beginning of summer. The Beach was empty, and I was wearing a sweatshirt. On a sunny fall day like today, I'm sure the feeling wouldn't be much different. However, now instead of being on the beach in Long Island, I'm back at school in Philadelphia ... and that's why these pictures fill me with a sense of longing for the summer that went by so fast ... 

I'll be back later today with a decor related post, I promise! I just wanted to share these pictures (and my mood) with you all. xo 

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  1. Ooh lovely images....and by the way I just purachsed a drop leaf desk and am thinking of laquering in pale terractta or a blue/gray....It is currently a light wood.

    Art by Karena


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