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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stately and Empty

In an article in today's New York Times, enititled, "Stately Home Awaits the Return of a Political Son," newly elected NY governor Andrew Cuomo states that he plans to live at New York State's Governors' Mansion in Albany. Cuomo will be the first NY Governor to spend a considerable time at the estate since his father, Mario Cuomo was governor in the 1980s and 1990s. Unfortunately, such is the fate of many of the elaborate Governors' Mansions throughout the United States. What with technological innovation, many Governors don't need to be in the state capital all the time, and can conduct business elsewhere. Below are a sampling of Governors' Mansions from states with newly elected Governors. I wonder who will be occupying these hallowed halls? 



New Mexico 

South Carolina




  1. I love the South Carolina house.....


  2. the OKla gov has always lived in that house. i bet the Governator ain't livin' in Sacramento. Maybe governors/mayors (guess who) would do a better job if they lived in "the people's house"! and maybe walked to work.

  3. CEO - me too!
    deep fork - no, the California Governors have not lived in the house in Sacremento for years! But lucky for us, it is open for tours and events!

  4. California or South Carolina for me, please! What a fun post :)

  5. I like new mexico the best. Check out GA too - it's perhaps my favorite:,2792,118193663,00.html

  6. How interesting! I have never seen the estates, But the Georgia one posted above is indeed one of the loveliest.

    Check out The Finishing School

  7. I would not object to living in any of the homes, but South Carolina, New Mexico and Tennessee are my favorites! Just added you to my blog roll.


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