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Monday, July 30, 2012

Patio Perfection

We have been seeing a lot of pictures of Reese Witherspoon's Ojai, California home in the blogosphere of late. As taken as I am with the entirety of the house, I cannot get over this beautiful patio. I am trying to work on my patio here in Charleston - and I am taking this as my inspiration photo. Love the look of the entire experience. Now on to achieving that here ... 

photo courtesy of Elle Decor

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scape Smitten

I am completely smitten with this Tennessee landscape that was recently featured in Elle Decor. I have never been particularly interested in gardens or gardening, but now that we're in Charleston I am trying to beautify my own garden. I have always loved the symmetry and clean lines of boxwood hedges in different shapes and sizes - as in the third picture. But I also love the free-flowing nature of some of the grasses in the final photo. Those flowering trees are absolutely beautiful. The hard thing about Charleston for me is that we are in a tropical location. So much of the gardens that I love are English, or located up North. So now I am trying to focus my attentions to gardens down South ... But unfortunately, even this one is in a different zone than we are in downtown. So maybe I have to look to the caribbean for my inspiration. But for now, I'll sigh and look at this one ... 

Monday, July 23, 2012


As I have said before, I am not particularly "artsy". I probably don't know enough about art, and I can honestly say that my taste goes more in line with a decorating style than with an interest in art. However, there are a few artists and styles that I definitely like, and I think that art can make a major impact on the tone of a room. In our master bedroom we have Benjamin Moore Gray Owl on the walls, heavy cream linen curtains, and bedding which is gray/blue/white. WWB says he sleeps better in this room than anywhere else he has ever slept, and I think it has something to do with the serene nature of the room, and that includes its artwork. I have several pieces in the room already, and I am looking for art for one more spot. 

This piece, and the one following it are by Megan Aline. She is an artist based out of Charleston, and one that I am lucky enough to know. We already own several paintings of Megan's, including a triptych in the bedroom. I love this "house" series that she has been working on recently, particularly the sky in both of these paintings. I think they would work really well in this room. 

This painting, and the one following, are by Adam Hall, an artist that is represented in the gallery owned by Megan Aline and her husband, Robert Lange, who is also an accomplished artist. We don't own any of Adam's work yet, but again I love the sky in both these paintings ... it almost feels as though it is moving. Either of these paintings would be something I would be happy to fall asleep to.  

This painting, and the two following, are by Stephen Hoedecker. He is represented by Ingram Fine Art in Charleston, but he lives in New Hampshire. I'm sure it is pretty obvious what I love about his artwork - he really captures all things Americana as well as the romance of older buildings. Very simple, very beautiful, very expensive. Don't think I will be having a Hoedecker any time soon, but a girl can dream, right?  

This painting, and the one following it, are actually done by my mother's best friend, Dani Renchard. She is based out of Connecticut and is available through several places in the area including Good Food Good Things. Again, the simplicity of her work, and her choices of color are truly beautiful. A Dani Renchard original would certainly look beautiful in our master bedroom in Charleston, or anywhere in our house for that matter!

Do you have an artist that you love? Or do you simply love art for its ability to transform a room? 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Favorite Piece of Jewelry

Can you have a love affair with a stove? I know that Elizabeth Taylor had a love affair with jewelry, but I think my affair is with my Cornue Fe. People ask to see my engagement ring and I show them a picture of my stove. If this isn't a sign of WWB's love for me, I don't know what is. It completely steals the show in the kitchen, and I am so happy to finally be in Charleston full time so that I can make use of all my cookbooks and really use my favorite piece of jewelry. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Match Point

I  rarely post about anything fashion related. However, this morning is a different story. When I came across these beautiful tennis outfits by L'Etoile Sport, there was no way I wasn't going to share them with you. Finally, some tennis attire that you don't feel silly lunching in after your match! 

Forget lunching, I may be headed out to dinner in some of these ensembles. 

Photos courtesy of

Friday, July 13, 2012

Out of Africa

So here we are again back at one of my favorite topics, and in a location that I would love to visit. This home, in South Africa, is a perfect example of how historic/old and contemporary/modern can coexist, in a recipe that creates something very magical. The base of the house, and its six over six windows provide a fantastic foundation for the second story's casement windows and swerving balcony. The chairs in the foreground also add a nice touch ... 

Along the backside of the house, you can also see the owner's love of both rustic and modern interiors. The sliding glass doors, while being far from single pane, echo his modern aesthetic and love of light - but the chairs on the interior are more overtly contemporary. 

The dining room could honestly be in a million older homes anywhere, but again the farm table and vintage cabinetry, set against the pink backdrop with lucite chairs continues the overall theme of this African abode. 

The pool's curvy shape repeats that of the deck above, and provides a secret tropical paradise. 

This kitchen says old farmhouse in the country ... 

And one would probably never think that it was in this light-box of a house in South Africa. This house is yet another example of the perfect marriage between opposites. See, opposites do attract ... especially in architecture and interiors! 

Photos courtesy of Marie Claire Maison

Thursday, July 12, 2012


This last week and a half has been an absolute zoo. Pretty much a new location every three days. And all that attached to a U-Haul. Here is a photo synopsis of the last week and a half. Do not worry, tomorrow we're back to design - now I just need to do a little venting. 

Leaving NYC ... 

Going to a pre-party BBQ at W's grandparents' house, and seeing this amazing vintage wallpaper in the bathroom ... 

Monday, July 9, 2012


What a week! Sorry I left you all for a few days last week, but WWB and I moved out of our apartment  on the 4th of July. And when I say "we moved out" I mean that WE moved out. U-Haul, WWB and me lifting boxes, lots of sweating and yelling. We drove the U-Haul to Long Island to drop some stuff out here, and then we are driving down to Charleston tomorrow. I will give you all the photo montage of the last week tomorrow, but for today some pictures I enjoyed looking at from Hamptons Cottages & Gardens in the few moments of relaxation that I had this weekend. Enjoy! 

Photos courtesy of Hamptons Cottages & Gardens

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sailing Away

Remember last year, when I moved back from Philadelphia into WWB's apartment and had to gender neutralize the bedroom? I posted about my concept in a post from last May called Going Green here. Well I realized my concept and added green accents to the otherwise masculine bedroom, and now we're moving. I love what I did with this room, and I wish that there was a way to take it with me. 

Here is a quick little shot I took of my side of the bed this morning. Sheets are Pottery Barn, Headboard is Ballard Designs, Bed Skirt is Pine Cone Hill, and Euro is Serena and Lily. So how do I bring this feeling with me when I go? - My friend Jen has supplied me with the answer ...

How chic is this little tunic dress? Jen has just started a new lifestyle brand called Sail to Sable, and I'm in love. Her brand includes table linens, pillows, and these amazing tunics. I mean would you ever take this tunic off? Perfect for summer! You know those blog posts where people turn outfits into rooms, well in this case Jen has made it possible for me to turn my room into an outfit! The tunic is a perfect combination of navy and lime, that tried and true combination that we all love, and that worked so well for WWB and me. 

Perhaps I can find a place in Charleston for this adorable little pillow, to really feel as though I have brought a piece of our NYC bedroom with me. Please go check out for more of these wonderful pieces of Jen's collection. Oh and guess what? My bedroom-in-an-outfit tunic dress is 25% when you put in the code JULY4 at checkout! Enjoy! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Youth Gone Wild

What is it about summer that makes us all feel like kids? Maybe its the fact that you can walk around without shoes on and not be judged, or the fact that your hair can take on that "beachy" quality without people questioning if you have actually been at the beach. What I do know is that summer puts me in the mood to be youthful and to enjoy each minute in the sunshine. 

And as a result of my feeling youthful during this season, I seem to have developed a fondness for bunk beds or bunk rooms. Not just bunk beds that you put in a room, but bunk beds that are built in as part of the architecture of the space. How cozy. I look at these pictures and wonder how I possibly missed out on what is a seemingly a very American experience. 

 In one's mind, camp looks a bit like this ... but obviously in reality it did not. This is all adults creating stylized versions of summer camp inside their homes. They probably all really enjoyed designing these spaces because it allowed them to take advantage of their inner child - if only for a moment. 

Clearly WWB and I are going to have to give our children this all American experience. I mean, how much fun do all these rooms look? Even now, what about a weekend with your girlfriends all shacked up in bunk rooms like these? Love. Ahhh summer. 

Photos courtesy of Country Living, Southern Living, Elle Decor, Traditional Home and House Beautiful. 
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